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Count on me for all your real estate wants and needs in Springfarm Yorkhill area as well as all of Thornhill and the GTA. Springfarm Yorkhill is a wonderful, mostly Jewish residential area with several different types of stores, restaurants, schools and synagogues. Click here to find out more about Springfarm Yorkhill.

I’ve been in real estate just about my entire adult life, buying, selling, leasing, and managing real estate all over Thornhill and the Greater Toronto Area.  I also own or have owned residential and commercial properties as well as condos and I’ve even been the president of a condo corporation for two terms.

I brought the buyers to 3 of my last 4 sales

As you can see, when you list your home for sale with me I start taking action right away. I have a reputation for solving any kind of real estate problem in a professional manner for everyone’s benefit. Click Here to see “Sol Saves a Landlord Client”. For many years clients have found my Springfarm Yorkhill REALTOR® services to be invaluable in achieving their goals.

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1% Cashback for new clients

What Clients Say About Sol Kahane…

Sol Kahane has many 5 star reviews from clients  That’s when things took off for me

❝I will tell you what Sol is really all about. I had a nasty problem with an investment property. Nobody gave me the advice I needed and my real estate agent was trying to talk me into selling it and taking a loss on it.  Then my neighbour introduced me to Sol and that’s when things took off for me. He not only told me how to fix my problem, but he actually helped me. I decided not to sell after all and I’m so happy I listened to Sol. I now have 2 more properties because of him. He knows real estate. He knows how to negotiate and best of all, he knows how to manage problems. I now tell people that they better call Sol.❞

– T. Del Vecchio

Sol Kahane has many 5 star reviews from clients  You have to try Sol`s system

❝Sol had a questionnaire for us and after going through it together, we felt he knew exactly what we were looking for. Each house we viewed was better than the last, but we were outbid beyond our budget. A few days later, Sol’s system alerted us when another new property just listed for sale that fell within our specs. It really gave us a stronger competitive edge, but his ‘extra suggestion’ got the sellers to sell it to us. If it wasn’t for Sol, we would still be looking for a place and probably be priced out of the home we wanted.❞

— Mr. & Mrs. A. Mason

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Sol Kahane, the Person

I honestly feel that Thornhill is a gem of a city to raise a family. In fact, I live in Thornhill and have lived here for over 20 years and have seen it’s changes, transformations, developments and progress.

  • The people in Thornhill are very friendly. Most of our friends live in Thornhill within walking distance.
  • My wife and I go for walks to the Oakbank Pond Park shown below, which is very close to Springfarm Yorkhill. We love to eat at Kuu Sushi and Mezza Notte Trattoria or get take-out from Cynthia’s Chinese Restaurant. See more restaurants in Thornhill.
    My wife and I go for walks in beautiful Oakbank Pond Park

Sol Kahane knows many important people in Thornhill

I’ve enjoyed being an active part of the Thornhill community for many years. I bumped into Thornhill Member of Parliament Peter Kent above at the annual Thornhill Festival. I’ve known Peter since my daughter worked in his office when she was in Grade 12.

Giving Back

  • I donate a portion of every commission I earn to Habitat For Humanity. This is a wonderful organization really making concrete changes in people’s lives.
  • My wife and I also volunteered as wish granters for the Starlight Foundation. They grant wishes to terminally, critically and chronically ill children. Something like this is too hard to volunteer on a long-term basis because it affects you. We lasted about two years.
  • I was Involved in school parent council events such as fun fairs, school plays, school fundraisers, movie nights.
  • I assisted coaching my son’s hockey team. I also coached my daughter’s soccer team at the Glen Shields Futbol Club, and I helped coach my son’s soccer team below.

Sol was active coaching sports in Thornhill for many years

Getting to Know Springfarm Yorkhill and Thornhill

  • Highway 407, the fastest moving and least congested highway in the GTA is less than five minutes north of Promenade Mall. Within walking distance from the mall, you can reach several condo buildings, houses of different price ranges, parks, ponds, schools (public and private), restaurants, Walmart, and more.
  • The Promenade Mall is the centre shopping area. It’s just two minutes north of Toronto.
  • There are two large Community Centres and both are less than five minutes away from the Promenade Mall area. The photo below is of the North Thornhill Community Centre. These community centres have arenas, large swimming pools, gyms, as well as activities and classes for all ages. More about Thornhill Community Centres here. North Thornhill Community Centre
  • Home Depot and Mackenzie Health hospital are about 10 minutes away in Richmond Hill. Tim Hortons is a five minute drive in any direction (aren’t they all?) and my house is a 15 minute stroll from the Promenade Mall. A golf course and Ski Centre is less than a 10 minute drive to the Uplands Ski Centre and Golf Club.
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Sol Kahane, Problem Solver

These are real life stories well told by Sol himself about a number of adventures he’s had during his career in real estate. Below are some excerpts from the stories, and links to see the entire story if you wish.

1) Sol’s Determination Rescues a Client and Many Condo Owners


  • Around 2009, one of the real estate companies I consult for bought 18 condo apartment units along with 4 commercial condo units directly from a developer who converted an office building into residential condos with commercial condo units on the ground floor. The developer left the project in several states of incompletion.
  • They also falsely accused the developer of not removing old insulation containing urea formaldehyde.
  • No bank now would provide a mortgage on any unit in the building.
  • I found out that they practically bankrupted the condo corp.
  • That was the last straw. I wanted them out of the board.
See how Sol resolved these problems…

2) Sol Saves a Landlord Client


  • Mary, a previous tenant who became a landlady herself, had a trouble tenant living in her basement. He seemed like a nice and respectable man, except that he didn’t like paying rent.
  • Mary was a good tenant so I was compelled to ask her to let me take over her mess.
  • I let it slip out I was going downtown to have criminal charges filed. I remember him saying “That’s exciting” and my reply “Not for you, it isn’t!”.
See how Sol created a happy solution for his client…

3) Sol Literally Saves One of His Tenants

“On the flip side, there are tenants who are honest and hard working and happen to fall on some bad luck. Quite some time ago, I had a tenant who always paid rent and always paid on time. One month (it was November), he was a few days late so when I was at the property, I knocked on his door.

When he opened the door and I saw his pale face, I thought he was quite ill. I asked him what was wrong. He explained that he was broke and hadn’t eaten in over 2 days. Although he owed me money, I felt morally responsible to feed him simply because I could.”

“It’s funny how my eyes tear up when I remember him.”

“I immediately took him to a restaurant/pub across the street. Till today, I remember exactly what he ate. Chicken noodle soup, club sandwich with fries and coke, apple pie and coffee. I later gave him money to buy groceries and because I knew him for years, I was confident that that’s how he spent the money I gave him.

A few weeks later, he managed to get a job with the City of Toronto in waste collection and happily paid the 2 months rent he owed me. At that point, he was the happiest tenant I had ever had. It’s funny how my eyes tear up when I remember him.”

4) Sol’s Real Estate Experience Saves Time and Trouble

“Every once in a while, I have to find new tenants either for myself or for clients. I find the best tenants I can and I screen them well beyond their application forms or I secure strong guarantees. Because of this, I no longer have to deal with bad tenants or having to go to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

I see all the other agents asking for applications and credit checks and that’s it. This is not enough specially if/when situations change or the applicant tricks the inexperienced agent. Unfortunately, this is exactly how landlords get their Landlord and Tenant Board experience.

Recently someone quizzed me about the hearing procedures and time frames in order to gauge my experience. I explained to him that I no longer know how long it takes to get a hearing date because I have experience avoiding that. :-)”

Contact Sol for any real estate problem you have. He’s the man you want on your side.

Professional Associations:

I am a member of the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), the Toronto Multiple Listing Service, the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA), the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), and I work with the very successful Right At Home Realty Group. 

Sol Kahane belongs to these professional associations

Ongoing Financial Community Support:

A portion of the revenue from every sale I make is donated to Habitat For Humanity Toronto

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Springfarm Yorkhill and Thornhill Photography by Elena Berdova